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Our Biography

A Story of Roots and Connection

Formed in 2019, El Ceibo is a music group that performs a variety of Argentinian folk music.

Through original arrangements of all-time favourites and contemporary compositions, the audience can experience an eclectic collection of authentic rhythms, characteristic harmonies and melodies from different regions of the country. Through dynamic performances, they showcase a cross-section of jazz elements with the rich and colourful sounds of the Argentinian folk music tradition.

The group's self-released EP (January 2022) exemplifies their distinct sound and refreshing repertoire. Said elements led to features by the Toronto Jazz Festival (OLG First Plays - December 2021), CBC Radio 1 (Big City, Small World - January 2022), and Jazz Fm (Cafe Latino - June 2022).

El Ceibo has performed in a broad variety of settings, including a number of community events and international music festivals, such as the Toronto Jazz Festival and Vamos a la Feria Latina (among others).

Based in Mississauga, Canada, El Ceibo is comprised of professional musicians from both Canadian and Latin American cultural backgrounds, which seeks to honour this music, but also exemplify the wonderful diversity of the local music scene. 

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